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Don’t Cry Baby, it’s a Movie – installation
garden greenhouse polycarbonate, screen, dibond, wood, contact lens, polycarbonate shockproof shell, plaster, aluminium
312 x 190 x 300 cm
video 8 min
performer: Alisson Schmitt
voice: Alienor Adrey
production GENERATOR / 40mcube – eesab – Self Signal

“Don’t Cry Baby, it’s a Movie” is a video installation in which paranoia, post-human makeup, and iconoclasm are mixed.

« I’ve always had a terrible nose. In fact I have no nose. Thanks to my parents.. !


Recently you have imagined theories to explain why so many egyptian statues have broken noses:

It might seem sooo inevitable that after thousands and thousands of years, an ancient artifact would show wear and tear. But this simple observation led you to uncover a widespread pattern of deliberate destruction, which pointed to a complex set of reasons why most works of Egyptian art came to be defaced in the first place. This discovery adds a germane dimension to your understanding -so you think- of one of the world’s oldest and longest-lasting civilizations, whose visual culture, for the most part, remained unchanged over millennia. »

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