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wheelchair, flat screen, copper, inflatable beach ball, mineral ceiling tiles, window charred after arson of three motorcycles, burnt plants, paint, can of Coca-Cola®, copper, wasp nests, mirror,
Video: “Coke and Lava Nikon D800 and Gopro” ,1:42. Credits: Bryan Lowry / lavapix.com. Link
Variable dimensions

Decentralized groupshow “Exception of (not) being” curated by ESSENZA CLUB and RHIZOME PARKING GARAGE, narrative text by Ian Bruner.
full exhibition here

Exception of (not) being takes into consideration several emerging perspectives, for a type of research that involves a social vision but also individual experience, with a specific focus on the transition phase that distinguishes the period we are currently living. The hopes, fears, the obsessions we are creating in a moment of complete unawareness and of economic, social, political and religious uncertainty.

Science / medicine as new religion

Perhaps as never before, this statement demonstrates its greatest strength. Individuals today are confronting the concept of existence and resilience in a rather disruptive way. It is quite clear that we are transforming our entire existence into a health obligation and in the name of these new rules, we are building a new exception. Throughout history, the body has been regulated and held as a property, either within the realm of the law or capital. Furthermore, the relationship or gap between our bodies and our minds, has increasingly been augmented or prevented through the multifaceted machine of capitalism or the end of capitalism, and the new layer of domination, such as the vectoralist dream of social media.


Purification as a ritual

As a consequence of the first reflection, hygiene or the purifying act generates new ritualistic forms that can in turn produce obsessive attitudes also deriving from the anxiety of not being able to recognize or have the tools to defend themselves. This attitude has as its horizon an indeterminate object that generates irrational dynamics; puts us in an indefinite situation in which there is no possibility of assuming rational behavior. The ritualization of disinfecting and its role within religion of science, can be seen much like the way the catholic church sold condolences. The large population of the poor and some working class due to not having access or the means to indulge in the rituals of disinfection, such as running water. Lack of economic safety nets forces people into the open air, into the contagion circles of those they have to serve, while the better off and the ruling class, remain cloistered within their own homes. For those living in mega cities without proper infrastructure, the pandemic is almost a death sentence, or equates in essence to the sentiment behind the cast in which capitalist society brought about and that persists into the slippage after the fall. It should come as no surprise the vectoralist entities such as Amazon remains profitable if not more so during this epidemic. The proliferation of information prevails, and with it the control of dissemination.

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